Why #Opendata matters in the networked Society

2 Oct

Why #Opendata matters in the networked Society.


July edition – 3 Innovation Ideas – Any takers?

13 Jul

July edition – 3 Innovation Ideas – Any takers?.

Will wearable computing take us by storm?

10 Jul

Innovative ideas for a connected society


The world of wearable computing is evolving at lightspeed and the impact these connected devices will have on our daily lives will be dramatic. From the simple fitness devices we see today, to the smart watches and google glasses which are just around the corner, we are not too far from some of the visionary scenes of a movie like ironman. 

Skeptics will say that wearable computing industry is still a big hype but I believe we have hardly seen the tip of the iceberg and there are just too many technology trends converging and too many business benefits for this not too happen at a large scale and much faster than anticipated.  Here is why…

Connectivity is almost everywhere

Mobile Connectivity is almost everywhere, being it through Wi-FI or 3G and LTE, we can now be constantly connected with our mobile devices and at affordable rates. Mobile data share…

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Google Introduces Conversational Search For The Desktop With “Hotwording,” Prompting It With “OK Google”

15 May

Loop Makes It Easy To Conduct Real-Time Surveys Via iPad

15 May

I like the idea. Need to check whether there are other options, I believe I came across this idea before.

Twitter ‘Hate Map’ shows where racist, homophobic, and offensive tweets originate

15 May

This is scary when you look at it, but could help governments to run targeted campaigns against discrimination of any kind, I could also find a lot of other interesting usages of similar maps.

How about maps for good neighbourhood restaurants, where you can search on type, price, trendiness, quality of service.

M2M & BigData giving life to the Connected Society – Part 3(5) – Retail

12 May

M2M & BigData giving life to the Connected Society – Part 3(5) – Retail.